Puppy Supply List

Make sure you get what you need

For your convenience, Twin Flames Farm has put together a clickable list of items you will need to purchase before you bring your puppy home. If you would like to shop in a brick and mortar store, here is a list of things you should purchase. Otherwise, click on the links below to purchase the products Twin Flames Farm recommends. 



* Travel Crate

A Travel crate (plastic) is important to keep your dog safe while traveling. 18.96” for petites and 24.6” for minis. 

* Wire Crate 

Use a wire crate that will be big enough for the size of your dog. An adjustable divider is a must and not all wire crates come with one. There are some really nice crates that can blend into your furniture. 

* Crate Bed 

Do not use a bed in your puppies crate for the first few months so there are no accidents on the bed. 

* Pet Bed

Your pet needs a place to call their own! K Ballistics dog beds are great as they are durable and have a better chance of lasting through the chewing stage. 

* Food and Water Bowls

2 Bowls for water and food-ceramic are the best for cleaning and not being spilled. 

* Harness

A harness is far better for walking than a collar as it distributes the pull pressure across the chest and back of the dog not just the neck. A small harness should fit both petites and minis. A harness that works with a seat-belt is also an asset for those car rides that don’t need a crate. 

* Nylon Collar

Your puppy should still have a collar so they always have their tags on if they run out of the house or get lost. 

* Nylon Leash

You should always start walk training on a basic 6 ft leash. This increases your control over your puppy and teaches them that they should be by your side when out for walks. 

* Waste Bag Tote and Bags

A waste tote and bags are essential for walks outside your yard. 

* Shampoo

Look for a shampoo specific for puppies, tear-less shampoos are great too! 

* Ear Cleaner

Ears are a sensitive part for your puppy and it’s important to keep them clean. 

* Ear Powder

Ear powder is for use after bathing your puppy. It keeps moisture out of the ears thereby preventing ear infections. 

* Slicker Brush

This is the brush you should start with. Brushing your puppy is important to keep their coat clean and healthy while also promoting circulation! 

* Metal Comb

Look for a 7.25 inch comb, use this after the slicker brush to find mats. 

* Dental Care Kit 

Toothbrushes and toothpaste are important to keep your puppy’s teeth clean and prevent dental problems in the future. 

* Nail Clippers

Nails should be clipped monthly to prevent the quick from growing to long. 

* Stain and Odor Eliminator Spray

This is a good idea to have in your home cleaning arsenal no matter what but make sure you check your cleaning products to make sure they are safe for pets! 

* Appropriate Toys 

You will need a variety of toys to keep your puppy entertained. Think both of toys for out and in the crate. Toys should not just be thought of as play things, but should also challenge. Think finding, chasing, and chewing, some with noises, some without. A great idea with toys is to buy a couple to play with now, and some to pull out later. Alternating toys will ensure they last a little longer and your puppy will act like they are brand new! 

* Snuggle Puppy 

Snuggle Puppies help to comfort your puppy during the transition of being part of a litter to being an individual puppy. Snuggle Puppies have a heat pack and a heart beat that mimics a real litter-mate and will help your puppy sleep better during their transition to your family. Place the Snuggle Puppy in the crate with your new puppy at night and hopefully everyone will have a an easier time sleeping. 

Twin Flames Farm keeps an inventory of Snuggle Puppies. Please let us know if you would like one when you receive your puppy. They are $40.00 each. 


Great Additions (but optional) 

* Crate Cover

A crate cover is a good idea if you plan on crating your puppy in a heavily used room. Covers can help make your pup feel safe and secure. 

* Retractable Leash 

If you do not have a fenced yard, a retractable leash for dogs up to 77 lbs is a good idea, but you should always start walk training on a regular 6 ft leash. Retractable leashes give your puppy too much freedom and teach them it is ok to leave your side when you are out for walks. 

* Mat Zapper

This is the most expensive of the brushes but it is totally worth it as it can help remove the need for a shave down. 

* Potty Bells

These are great to train your puppy to ask to go outside without barking. Here is a training video to help you bell train your puppy

* Chew Deterrent

If your puppy prefers your furniture to their toys a chew deterrent spray is a good investment. Grannick’s Bitter Apple spray deterrent is great. 

* Puppy Onsie

This is a cute alternative to the cone you get from the vet.